Trader Joe’s Fall Finds

Hi Friends! 🙂 So I don’t know about you, but anytime I head on over to Trader Joe’s I am happy. Haha! But there is something about Trader Joe’s during the fall that just brings on even more excitement 🙂 . And, a new Trader Joe’s just opened in my town so I was feeling all levels of happy this past weekend when I made a trip over! So take a peek into my cart to see my fav fall finds 🤗

As you can see, I don’t play around HAHA!

First up are the pumpkin pancake mixes! Oh my…these definitely make it into the top three best TJ Fall Finds. I make these almost every morning for breakfast and pair it with some pumpkin butter and maple syrup too 😋

If I’m not having pumpkin pancakes for breakfast, you can probably find me enjoying this fun little spread below.

Pumpkin bagel, pumpkin butter, pumpkin biscotti, and some bourbon maple coffee in a pumpkin mug for the #breakfastofchampions! Also, peep the Vanilla Pumpkin candle in the background there. I love the smell of this candle and even bought two of them as a back-up just in case 😉

Another couple of my faves…Pumpkin Brioche Twist (that I made french toast style), pumpkin ice-cream with some cinnamon, pumpkin butter, and maple syrup drizzled on top!

When its about 3 o’clock and its not really lunch time, but also not yet dinner time is when I am in need of a quick snack. So you can find me reaching for this maple and sea salt kettle corn. I pair this with some pumpkin spice Cheerios and bam…quick and easy mid-afternoon snack! Its also gluten-free which is always a plus!

Dessert is one of my favorite meals of the day! Hehe! So last night for dessert I was in the mood for something on the lighter side and decided to open up these spiced pumpkin madeleine cookies and paired it with some spiced hot cider. And I can’t recommend these cookies enough! They are super tasty, soft, and delicious!!

Lastly, these pumpkin cinnamon rolls were really tasty too! I popped these into the oven for about 25 minutes, drizzled some pumpkin icing on top, and sprinkled a little bit of cinnamon for the final touch.

So this about wraps up my TJ’s Fall Finds. Am I missing anything? Do you have any Trader Joe’s favs? Let me know below and I will be sure to check them out next time I head to Trader Joe’s!

Happy Fall Y’all!


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