What I’m Wearing

So small confession…I love shopping! I fully believe that if you look good, you feel good 🙂

Something that I really enjoyed about going into the office everyday was getting to put together a fun business outfit, complete with my matching pumps and tote 🙂 . So with the transition to work from home, I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t going to be able to wear my suits everyday. With a majority of meetings now being virtual, felt that it was time for a little refresh of my closet because let’s face it, on Zoom you can’t see a cute skirt! Since a top is really the only visible part of my outfit, I was on a mission to find some cute and colorful tops/dresses that would really pop. When shopping, I have really found that JCrew has been my go-to store lately.

I love that this dress is colorful, comfy, and also professional! I pair this dress with a cardigan, and I am ready for my Zoom meetings. Also, this dress is on sale right now!!

Another dress that I am loving is this one right here. The dress is comfy, the scallops are cute, and there is no denying that the pink is fun! I loved this dress so much I couldn’t resist, so I bought it in both colors. This dress is also on sale right now too 🙂

The last Zoom-ready outfit I’ll share today is this classic. You can never go wrong with a Ralph Lauren cable knit sweater and a white button-down. I love to pair this with a strand of pearls to accessorize and then I am ready to go 🙂

I hope you are now ready to take on your next Zoom meeting with confidence 😉 If you have any fun fashion finds let me know below! Till next time!


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